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Eastern Partnership - Georgia


  Civil Society Development Program


Project Title: Improving enabling environment for CSOs and raising their effectiveness (II phaze)

Project Manager: Ia Gabunia

Donor Agency: Bread for the World

Project Duration: 01.07.14 - 30.06.17

Project Overview

For more than three years CSI actively works on program aiming at facilitating enabling environment for CSOs and raising their effectiveness. The second phase of the program was launched in July 2014. The development goal of the program is to empower citizens to control their life through civic participation and - with the assistance of influential, sustainable national and local CSOs - receive need based services so that they can overcome marginalization, inequality and poverty. The program shall be implemented during a period of 36 month and is structured into three main components, with respective sub components resulting the following outcomes:

Component I- Promoting the Enabling Environment and capacity building of Civil Society Organizations: Georgian CSOs gain in image, unity and capacity to be influential drivers of positive change on local, national and international level by delivering relevant, efficient, effective and sustainable services to the society and by being a relevant player in democratic reform and dialogue (outcome 1).
CI-1.1: Legal environment
CI-1.2: "Concept of State Support"
Indicator No.1: 80% of legal initiatives lobbied by CSI and its partners are at least presented in parliamentarian hearing.
Indicator No.2: The process of dialogue to develop the 'concept of state support for CSOs' is visible in online networks, national news and donor reports with at least 12 unique documents.

Component II- Consolidating Networking: Georgian CSOs promote a mutual vision for effective development and advance the web portal www.csogeorgia.org to a platform which delivers needs oriented information and provides space for communication and exchange to its members, subscribers and users. (outcome 2)
CII-2.1: CSO development effectiveness
CII-2.2: Web portal Indicator
No.3: 300 CSOs have adopted the mutual code of conduct by end of the project. Indicator
No.4: Positive annual trend of 5% among unique users and website visits in web portal and facebook page.
Indicator No. 5: The quality of the website is assessed by a rising number or users at the end of the project. The assessment result is more positive compared to the baseline at project start.

Component III - Advice and skills development: Key actors of civil society and local/regional governmental administration are competent and effective advocates for citizens' needs on local and national level. (outcome 3)
CIII-3.1: Political skills e-learning
CIII-3.2: Outcome and impact oriented (OIO) planning and management
CIII-3.3: Civic local governance engagement
Indicator No. 6: 80% of political skills e-learning and PME training participants are satisfied with the courses.; 70% apply gained knowledge and implement it in their work.
Indicator No. 7: 20% of local self-governance consultation results in increased citizen-friendly decision processes.

Region: Georgia


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