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Eastern Partnership - Georgia


Creating Enabling Environment for Welfare Organizations in Georgia

Project Manager: Ia Gabunia

Donor Agency: Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst - EED

Region: Georgia

Project Duration: 01.10.06 - 31.03.11

Project Overview:

The project "Creating Enabling Environment for Socially oriented Not-for-Profit Organizations in Georgia" was incepted in November 2006 with financial support of Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst - EED. The primary objective of the project is to form favorable, sustainable, flexible legal and overall operating environment for and institutional strengthening of organizations delivering social services in Georgia. Emanating from this principal objective, the Project endeavors to elaborate effective cooperation mechanisms between socially oriented organizations and Government, to elaborate unified model of social services outsourcing and effective mechanism of Government financing of socially oriented not-for-profit organizations to enable welfare organizations to successfully cooperate with Government, gradually replacing Government or efficiently complementing it in social service delivery, to contribute to the process of deinstitutionalization, to raise public awareness in social issues. Emanating from these overarching ends, the project envisions implementation of the below enumerated activities:

  • Elaboration of uniform policy of social services' outsourcing and government financing mechanisms of welfare organizations;
  • Elaboration of uniform legislative package incorporating, inter alia, mechanisms promoting cooperation between the government and welfare organizations, mechanisms of Government financing of welfare organizations, mechanisms contributing to formation of flexible operating environment for socially oriented organizations;
  • Strengthening institutional and organizational capacity of social service provider not-for-profit organizations;
  • Contributing to the process of deinstitutionalization in Georgia through involvement of social service provider organizations in the process;
  • Building and managing an efficient network of social actors, primarily social service provider organizations;
  • Researching the status quo market of welfare organizations operating in Georgia to determine development index of the organizations and create unified database;
  • Researching international experience in the field of social services outsourcing, government/not-for-profit cooperation, government financing of welfare organizations;
  • Establishing Legal Aid Center to deliver legal consultancy services to welfare organizations free of charge thereby contributing to institutional and organizational development of the organizations.

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Project Activity:

''Let's Care about the Future Together, Social Enterprise - New Opportunity for Development'' event was organized by the British Council, Eurasia Partnership Foundation, the Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia and the Civil Society Institute on 15th of December in the Event Hall

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