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Georgian Applied Research Facility - Regional Development

Project Manager: Ekaterine Danelia, Archil Tsertsvadze

Donor Agency: The European Union

Region: Georgia

Project Duration: 14.05.14 - 14.05.16

Project Overview:

On May 2014, CSI launched a new project "Georgian Applied Research Facility – Regional Development". The Overall goal of the project is to strengthen and promote evidence and research based regional development policy in Georgia, implemented according to good governance principles, ensuring decentralization, public participation and efficient public spending so that sustainable regional development enables Georgian citizens to take control over their own lives. In this regard, the project anticipates achieving improvement of strategic planning and implementation capacities of Georgian authorities in the field of regional development.

To this end, the project foresees to meet the following objectives:

  1. To consistently support Georgian research bodies and think tanks in applied research aiming at provision of demand-based analysis, baseline data, policy recommendations and implementation mechanisms for regional development facilitating the policymaking process;
  2. To facilitate the exchange of identified gaps and findings in regional development policies and enhance sharing of resources between the relevant Georgian research and think tank communities and the Government of Georgia.

Anticipated Results of the project:

  1. Georgian research institutions and experts have an improved capacity to develop discussion papers and policy recommendations for regional development;
  2. Research bodies and experts are connected and exchange experiences and approaches;
  3. Cooperation between policy makers and research bodies is coordinated and paves the way for integrated analytical activity;
  4. Georgian policy makers are aware of the necessity of evidence-based policy making.

In the framework of the project, it is planned to produce 10 policy papers in particular areas of regional development, such as: local self-government, territorial development, agriculture, innovation and competitiveness, and etc. The project also envisions the creation of an online database of think tanks, CSOs and individual experts working on regional development and local self-government on the web-page www.csogeorgia.org

Project Activity:

Policy papers N2

Final event of ''Georgia Applied Research Facility - Regional Development''

Policy Documents

Working Meeting within Regional Development Program Framework