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Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness

Eastern Partnership - Georgia


Building a robust alliance of local development actors in Georgia

Project Manager: Ia Gabunia

Donor Agency: Bread For The World

Region: Adjara, Guria, Shida Kartli

Project Duration: 01.07.17 - 30.06.20

Project Overview:

The project seeks to enhance the enabling environment, the capacity, and the competence of civil society (local organizations, active citizens, and youth) and of local authorities in order to empower them for joint actions that enhance sustainable, and inclusive local development. The project contains three components:

Component I: Enabling environment for CSOs. In order to facilitate the improvements in the legal environment, mechanisms for state funding and municipal grants, mechanisms for stimulating economic activities, and a financial package for stimulating volunteering are lobbied by CSI. Additionally, interactive platform CSOgeorgia promotes civil society initiatives and support CSOs transparency and accountability.

Component II: Online civic education and e-learning for participation in self-governance. CSI facilitates capacity-building activities for representatives of civil society, self-government officials and other development actors through Online courses to enhance their capacity and skills. Special self-study tutorials and competitions will be elaborated for youth, based on the findings from the need assessment study of young people from targeted municipalities in order to promote youth participation in local decision making process.

Component III: Stimulating public participation and cooperation among local actors of self-governments in regions: Adjara, Guria, Shida Kartli. CSI supports multi-stakeholder participatory activities such as joint face-to-face trainings, participatory budgeting and civil monitoring in order to promote cooperation in the region. The quality of participatory approaches will be assessed by Inter-municipal benchmarking process in Batumi, Kobuleti, Ozurgeti, Chokhatauri and Gori municipalities and stimulate them to carry out need-based policies.