Vazha Salamadze – Chairman

Mr. Vazha Salamadze is founding director of CSI. He has 28 year experience in public sector, from which 25 years he dedicated to development of civil society and promoting enabling environment for CSOs. Mr. Salamadze has sound experience in policy analysis, crafting policy papers, drafting laws and lobbing at national and international levels. He also teaches policy analysis at several universities of Georgia.

Mr. Salamadze works internationally. He served as a Co-Chair of Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness from 2010 to 2012. Than he was member of Global Council of CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness. Prior establishing CSI, Mr. Salamadze worked for Government of Georgia at various administrative positions. He holds a Master in Public Policy Administration from the University of Missouri Saint Louis, USA, a Diploma in Law from the Institute of Economics and Law, Tbilisi, Georgia and Diploma with distinction in Economics from Tbilisi State University.

Keti Melikadze

Ketevan Melikadze is a Social Welfare Officer at UNICEF office in Georgia. Her work is mainly concentrated on supporting the government to develop systems and services to protect the most vulnerable children: children with disabilities, children victim of violence, children under the state care, children living and working on the streets. Ketevan was originally trained as a medical doctor, then she studied journalism, economics, public policy and management. She holds Doctor of Medicine and Master of Arts in international development policy degrees. Ketevan’s work experience includes working as a policy analyst and a consultant in various programs and projects in education, health and other social fields; management of a non-governmental organization working with children with disabilities; and lecturing and tutoring students and professionals in public policy and policy analysis. She is a member of several professional associations and co-author of few publications, including Alternative Punishment in Georgia (2007); Access to Education (2004), and Education and Poverty Resolution in Georgia (2003).

Vazha Lalebashvili

Mr. Vazha Lalebashvili is the member of the board since 2011. He has over 35 years of experience of working in public, civil society and business sectors. He began his activities in public sector, working on youth issues, in The Supreme Council of Georgia and Cabinet of Ministers on economic reforms. Vazha Lalebashvili headed the department of economic policy in civil society organization “Center for Economic Reforms and Development of Georgia”. At present he is the founder and director of “Audit-center”. Vazha Lalebashvili is a certified auditor. He has significant experience of working on the fields of public policy, researches and management.

Lia Mirtskhulava

Lia Mirtskhulava is a board member of the Civil Society Institute since 2017. She has a long experience in working at television and theater as a director. After graduation from the Shota Rustaveli Theater and Film Institute she directed a lot of plays performed at Telavi, Gori, Poti, Tskhinvali and Akhmeteli theaters, some of which plays are kept at the golden fund of radio. With her directives there have been created such TV programs in a television space as Constitution of Georgia, Twentieth Century Golden Fund, Accents, Notabene. She was a director of TV projects Eco-Digest and Cultural Heritage of Georgia, created through the support of the World Bank. Currently Lia Mirtskhulava is a director of TV show “Ferma” (farm) at the channel1

Nikoloz Devidze

Nikoloz Devidze, a founder of the Civil Society Institute, was a member of the Board of the Institute within 1996-2003 years. From 2017 to present Nikoloz Devidze is again a member of the Board of the Civil Society Institute. Along with the activity in public sphere, he has a long work experience in business sector. After graduation from the Polytechnic Institute he worked at Tbilgazi as an engineer, later as a head of Maintenance Service. Currently he works at “Audit-Center” LLC as an Evaluation Expert.