Maka Jaiani

Editor of the


Maka Jaiani is the Editor of the Civil Society Institute portal ( for civil society organizations. She has a number of years of work experience in journalism. She wrote articles for such means of media as: “Droni” newspaper, “Alia” newspaper, “24 Saati” newspaper; served as Editor of social affairs units of these publications, Editor-in-chief of “Solidaroba” newspaper, Editor-in-chief of “Business News”, a Georgian-English-language economic magazine; Maka is the author of a lot of articles and, as a journalist, has received numerous awards; she has been named as the author of the best article on social issues twice; Besides, she has held leading positions at public relations units of both public institutions and civil society organizations.

Maka Jaiani graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University; she is a doctoral student at the Faculty of Engineering Economics, Media Technologies and Social Sciences of the Georgian Technical University; she has completed a course of communication management at the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA), as well as journalism, public relations and effective communication studies, organized by USAID, GYLA, IREX, EU, Fridrich Ebert Stiftung, DAI/SPIR, CTC, UNICEF, Press Wise. Maka is one of the authors of “Mediamegzuri”, a guidebook designed for journalists and prepared within the framework of a joint project of REC-Caucasus and the European Union.