CSO Meter

CSO Meter – is a monitoring tool, which aims at assessing the enabling environment of civil society in Eastern European Partnership countries. It consists of standards and indicators developed on the basis of best international practices and measures both legislation and practice.

It is this particular tool of monitoring – CSO Meter that a report on “Civil Society Enabling Environment”, prepared by the Civil Society Institute in 2017 within the framework of the “Monitoring Progress Empowering Action” project of the EU, is based on.

Within the reporting period, CSI studied the Georgian normative base that affects the enabling environment of civil society. In order to gather information about the practice, there were conducted a survey, focus groups, and interviews. A total of 127 organizations participated in the survey. Most of the responses (29%) were from the capital city. The inquiry revealed the following main areas of work of civil society organizations: civil society development, youth, human rights, and social issues.

Focus group meetings were held in Batumi, Kutaisi, and Telavi. A total of 32 representatives of civil society attended meetings. Participants were selected in accordance with their experience and areas of activity. For obtaining more in-depth information, CSI conducted interviews. The Advisory Board provided expert support for information gathering and analysis. Eventually, about 180 stakeholders were involved in the process.

Similar reports have been developed in all countries of the Eastern European region – Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus. Such documents facilitate the assessment of progress or regress of countries, including the exchange of information and provision of training, as well as the strengthening of evidence-based advocacy and public policy.