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Declaration of Key Principles of Civil Society Organizations of Georgia is a self-regulation document. By signing it, civil society organizations agree to operate by applying specific international and national standards.

The document was developed as a result of the great activeness of civil society organizations. A working group, set up to draft the text, united all interested organizations. The presentation of the declaration took place in Tbilisi in front of about 60 representatives of the sector. Further discussions were conducted in eight regions of the country, where more than 150 civil society organizations were engaged to review the text of the declaration.

Recognition and protection of human rights, social justice, equality, enhancement of capacities of people and their engagement in democratic processes, promotion of a sustainable environment, transparency and accountability, partnership and solidarity, knowledge sharing, focusing on positive changes – cross-cutting principles that all result-oriented civil society organizations should be sharing, are key principles of the declaration.

Given the Georgian context, the Declaration of Key Principles of civil society organizations of Georgia also envisages principles that should be equally important for Georgian organizations – recognition of both territorial integrity of the country and sovereignty of the state, fight against the occupation, the inadmissibility of cooperation with the occupier state, sharing the European course of Georgia, promotion of European integration.