Besides distance learning, the Civil Society Institute (CSI) conducts trainings for actors of the development sector. They include, for instance, trainings on issues related to the management of result and impact-oriented projects, community engagement, social entrepreneurship, and legal, as well as financial management of civil society organizations.

Participants of a result and impact-oriented project management training receive information about what processes, tools, and standards are prevalent in terms of project planning, monitoring, and evaluation; analyze relations between project planning and monitoring, as well as evaluation systems; become aware of a project cycle and each of its phases.

A community engagement training is designed for people interested in introducing participatory approaches in decision-making processes; participants of the training become aware of the history of community engagement, its basic essence, and terms, as well as concepts of effective governance and terms and theories related to the public interest and civic engagement.

Participants of a legal and financial management training for social enterprises and civil society organizations learn the essence and peculiarities of social entrepreneurship; legal aspects of establishment, registration, and management of a non-commercial legal entity; rules for the legal regulation of income sources of legal entities of private law, regulation of volunteering; standards of preparation of financial reports and etc.