Refine non-for-profit legislation

Project goal: Improve both the legal environment of civil society and state funding mechanisms through refining legislation. Project objectives: Conduct training and free legal consultations for non-governmental organizations aiming at raising legal awareness of...

Administrative reform of Batumi City Hall

Donors and Partners: Eurasia Partnership Foundation Project coverage: Batumi Project timelines: 2007-02-01 – 2007-12-31 Project Manager: Levan Paniashvili

Participatory assessment of stakeholders involved in the implementation of the National Strategy for IDPs in Georgia

Donors and Partners: Norwegian Refugee Council / United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Project coverage: Georgia Project timelines: 2006-12-20 – 2007-03-20 Project Manager: Khatuna Nachkebia

Create an effective enabling environment for socially oriented civil society organizations

Project goal: Improve legal basis, in general, an operating environment, that regulates socially-oriented organizations, support institutional and organizational development of these organizations, elaborate an effective mechanism for cooperation among socially-oriented civil society organizations and...

Civil society for legislative transparency

Project goal: Improve the law-making process and legislative environment in Georgia through creation of public control mechanisms. Project objectives: • Ensure transparency of law-making activities of ministries of Georgia and the Supreme Council of...

Strengthen self-governance in Georgia

Donors and Partners: Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), GTZ Project coverage: Georgia Project timelines: 2005-05-31 – 2005-07-31 Project Manager: Levan Mosakhlishvili

Support enhancement of employment and income of the poor population in the Samegrelo region

Project goal: Support employment and small business development in the Samegrelo region. Project objectives: • Assess workforce structure and business environment in the region; • Develop capacities of the low-income population of the region...

Effective city management

Donors and Partners: Urban Institute Project coverage: Tbilisi Project timelines: 2005-03-11 – 2005-06-30 Project Manager: Levan Mosakhlishvili

Towards European system of high education – Support Bologna process

Donors and Partners: Eurasia Partnership Foundation Project coverage: Georgia Project timelines: 2005-01-10 – 2006-02-09 Project Manager: Lali Bakradze

Civil society in the law-making process

Project goal: Facilitate transparency of law-making processes in Georgia and provide information about expected legislative innovations to stakeholders in time. Project objectives: Publish legislative packages, submitted to the Parliament of Georgia and the Supreme...