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The Civil Society Institute is announcing a tender for the TV placement of commercial videos created within the framework of the project – “Civil Society Sustainability Initiative”.

Within the framework of this project, the brand “This country is yours” was created and it is already supported by the campaigns on social networks and related programs are broadcasting on regional and central televisions. The aim of the campaign is to strengthen the civil society in Georgia, establish civic values, promote public organizations and civic activism.

2 commercial video clips were created within the framework of the above-mentioned campaign.

Purchase subject:
Services related to the planning and placement of 2 commercial videos of the campaign “This Country is Yours” on TV channels and the monitoring of the process.

Basic purchase requirements:
Placement of commercial videos of the Civil Society Institute (in a form of direct placement and/or package. No TV sponsorship is considered in the tender) on the following channels: Mtavari Arkhi, Imedi, TV Pirveli, Formula, Rustavi 2, Caucasus TV, TV1 of the Public Broadcaster (not less than three channels).

Tender requirements were:
• Media plan for each channel;
• Budget redistribution (Prime, Offprime, Econcompact – maximum 3 options);
• Plan of floating placement;
• Total budget for TV placement, without VAT in national currency;
• Budget distribution for each channel (percentage of TV time, budget, type of placement: direct or packagewise);
• Distribution Schedule of full (40-45 seconds) and short versions (20 seconds) of videos;
• Date of video release – November-December.

Interested companies shall submit:
1. Company data, contact details, as well as brief information about the company’s activities and experience.
2. Extract from the Registry of Entrepreneurial and Non-entrepreneurial (Non-commercial) Legal Entities. (extract must be made not earlier than 1 year before participating in the tender).
3. Tax comparison act (allowed in electronic form), which must be done not earlier than 1 day before participating in the tender.
4. TV placement plan (according to the information given in the tender requirements).
5. Sealed and signed appraisal in the case of Sales House.
6. Documentation confirming the subscription of both existing audience measurements in Georgia.

Additional information:
• The documents submitted in the tender must be certified and signed by an authorized person
• The Civil Society Institute reserves the right to request additional, clarifying information from the tenderer during the tender process.

Procedure for reviewing bids:
Tender applications will be reviewed by the project team (tender commission) and only selected companies will be contacted to.
The tender commission will evaluate the applications of the tender participants according to the following criteria:

• Rating, coverage, intensity of proposed televisions – 40 points
• Total budget for TV placement – 40 points
• Number of televisions offered – 20 points

Deadlines and rules for submission of tender documents:
• Interested companies must submit bids by September 30, 2020.
• Tender documents will be received electronically. Email: a.jikia@civilin.org
• For additional questions, please contact the Public Relations Manager of the Civil Society Institute – Temur Jaliashvili, temuri@civilin.org, Tel: 599 759 724.

Learn more about the campaign’s media activities
• An active campaign is underway on the social network. See the Facebook page: “This country is yours” –

• Within the framework of this program 11 regional channels of Georgia broadcast the program “This country is yours”

•Programs and Stories are actively spreading in the central media within this campaign –


Brief information about the project
The tender is announced within the framework of the project funded by the European Union and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation – “Civil Society Sustainability Initiative”. The project is implemented by the Civil Society Institute (CSI) in partnership with a consortium led by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS). The consortium also includes the Georgian Center for Strategic Research and Development (CSRDG), the Consulting and Training Center (CTC), and the Education Development and Employment Center (EDEC).

The aim of the project is to improve the working environment of civil society organizations in Georgia, strengthen the positions of existed organizations, increase their accountability and transparency to the public and strengthen links with other actors.