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The Civil Society Institute announces the contest for the regional media journalists on the topic: “Civil Activity!”

According to the jury’s decision the submission period for contest materials is prolonged until May, 10

Contest aims to support: the broader and deeper coverage of civil activities, activities of the civil society organizations and the citizen initiatives.

Contest will be held under 3 nominations:
Best newspaper article;
Best TV story;
Best radio story.

A competent jury will reveal the winners.
One winner will be revealed under each nomination, awarded with the winner’s diploma and a monetary prize of 1,000 GEL.
The second (500 GEL) and bonus prizes will be awarded based on the decision of the jury.

Contest terms:
Materials must be submitted as follows:
TV story – on a CD or DVD;
Radio story – on a CD or DVD;
Article – newspaper or magazine where the article was printed.Contest materials must be published from November 2011 until May 2012.Contest materials are accepted till May 10, 2012

Contest participants must submit the contest materials in the office of the Civil Society Institute, at the following address: Tbilisi, 26th May Square, 5th Floor,
Tel: 2 36 36 00, 599 759 724
Web page: