Forum on Public Participation

On 27th of June, we cordially invite you to the forum on “Public Participation” at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Tbilisi.

The key objectives of the forum are to share existing experience and knowledge of public participation, along with the state-of-art approaches and tendencies. Adding on this, the forum will provide space for discussion, which will stimulate capacity building of stakeholders and create further incentives for their cooperation. Public Participation entails citizens’ involvement in decision making processes of the issues with wide spectrum backgrounds. The fundamental value of such participation lays on the possibility of developing and implementing the policy that properly corresponds to the needs of the citizens, obtaining public support and promoting democracy. Building on this, public participation generates ownership and responsibilities among citizens, shapes accountable and transparent state and produces inclusive civil society.

It has been endorsed by several researches, that Georgian society conceives public participation as an imperative tool for further enhancement of democratic processes. Yet, it is worth discussing to discern the practice of public participation in Georgia with its peculiarities-to what extent do the citizens participate in decision making processes? What are the successful cases of such participation? What are the key challenges, accompanying this practice?

As mentioned above, the forum on “Public Participation” creates space for all the stakeholders to better understand the gravity of citizens’ participation in the policy planning, implementing and evaluating processes. This event will also stand as an opportunity to share fruitful cases of such practice and to bolster critical understanding of local context.

On the subject of agenda, keynote speakers will cover current approaches, practical cases and introduce various formal and informal mechanisms of participation. This will encourage the elaboration of decent strategies and policies, participatory budgeting and the enrichment of the quality of public service and space.

We kindly encourage you to get registered either as speakers, willing to share your practical experience or as participants to receive a relevant information related to the public participation.

For registration please follow the link and fill the registration form…

The deadline for online registration is 17th of June.

The Forum is organized by Civil Society Institute within the project Shaping Regional CSOs into Champions of Policy Dialogue and Public Sector Monitoring supported by the European Union

For further information and in case of questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:
Tata,  2 36 36 00