Civil Society For The Development Of Participatory Self-Government

Project goal

Implement certain mechanisms of citizen participation in self-government activities through informing the local population.

Project objectives

• Inform population about the role and functions of self-government, their rights, participation mechanisms, and channels of communication;
• Strengthen Council of Civil Advisors via an increasing representation of citizens and CSOs in it as well as train its members on mechanisms of participation of citizens in self-government activities and budgetary processes;
• Increase participation of citizens in budgetary processes in order to inform population better, develop a “popular budget”, which provides information about municipal services for 2012;
• Introduce an “open door session” of City Assembly so as to mobilize citizens and better acquaint officials of City Assembly and self-government bodies with existing problems;
• Bring in a procedure of introduction of the annual report by Chairman and members of City Assembly to population;
• Increasing the level of public awareness through the preparation and distribution of special information materials.

Donors and Partners

MSI Georgia USAID G3 (Democratic Governance in Georgia)

Project coverage

Batumi City

Project timelines

2012-05-01 – 2013-04-01

Project Manager

Natia Apkhazava