CSO Meter: A Compass To Conducive Environment And CSO Empowerment

Project Goal

The overall objective of the Action is to support monitoring and advocacy for a conducive environment for civil society that incorporates international standards and best practices and that responds to the needs and priorities of organizations, activists, and society.

The Action aims to address at least three needs: (1) to ensure that the CSO Meter incorporates standards and indicators that can be to monitor both current and emerging issues affecting the enabling environment; (2) to allow for the country and regional comparison of the CSOs environment, assess progress or lack of it and feed into policy dialogue; and (3) to create a wider pool of experts and organizations that can use the CSO Meter for monitoring and evidence-based advocacy and thus, to help create a conducive legal environment and practices.

Project Objectives

  • Widen and empower a critical mass of CSOs that can use the monitoring tool, exchange strategies, and expertise and advocate for improving the environment in each country and across the region.
  • Support CSOs to regularly generate evidence on the state of the environment where they operate through active monitoring, to identify emerging trends, and propose solutions that are based on international standards and national realities

Donors and partners

The project is implemented by the partner organizations from eastern partnership countries led by the European Center for Non-for-Profit Law (ECNL) Funded by European Commission. Partner organization: Transparency International Anti-Corruption Center (Armenia) | MG Consulting LLC (Azerbaijan)I Civil Society Institute (Georgia) | Promo-Lex Association (Moldova) | Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research (Ukraine)

Project Coverage

Eastern European Partnership countries – Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova.

Project timeline

01.01.2021 – 31.12.2023

Project Manager

Natia Aphkhazva