Civil society for the development of participatory self-government

Project goal:

Implement certain mechanisms of citizen participation in self-government activities through informing the local population.

Project objectives:

• Inform population about the role and functions of self-government, their rights, participation mechanisms, and channels of communication;
• Strengthen Council of Civil Advisors via an increasing representation of citizens and CSOs in it as well as train its members on mechanisms of participation of citizens in self-government activities and budgetary processes;
• Increase participation of citizens in budgetary processes in order to inform population better, develop a “popular budget”, which provides information about municipal services for 2012;
• Introduce an “open door session” of City Assembly so as to mobilize citizens and better acquaint officials of City Assembly and self-government bodies with existing problems;
• Bring in a procedure of introduction of the annual report by Chairman and members of City Assembly to population;
• Increasing the level of public awareness through the preparation and distribution of special information materials.

Donors and Partners:

MSI Georgia USAID G3 (Democratic Governance in Georgia)

Project coverage:

Batumi City

Project timelines:

2012-05-01 – 2013-04-01

Project Manager:

Natia Apkhazava