Ecologically safe agriculture

Project goal:

Teach, demonstrate and promote farming of agricultural crops through ecologically safe methodology in highland Adjara, form an integrated model based on achieved results and popularize it in other regions of the country.

Project objectives:

• Select 5 villages and target groups in Khulo, Shuakhevi, and Keda and conduct training for them in schemes focusing on environmental safety based on conventional and organic farming methodologies and increase of economic income; arrange demonstration plots for agricultural crops;
• Provide permanent, timely, and qualified consultations to target groups – actively engage local public schools in the project, conduct meetings-seminars at schools in order to promote the production of agricultural goods applying environmentally safe methods, facilitate the formation of groups of interested students and teachers.

Donors and Partners:

Eurasia Partnership Foundation

Project coverage:

Project timelines:

2011-04-01 – 2011-11-30

Project Manager:

Ia Gabunia