Social Enterprises and their Ecosystem

Overview of the European Practice (geo)

2020 year

Social Entrepreneurship in Georgia (Georgian Version Only)

(Overview of the Georgian Practice)

2020 year

Participatory Budgetingt (Georgian Version Only)

Study of Internal Experience and Local Practice in Georgia, Davit Kipiani

2018 year

Labor Code of Georgia – Recommendations (Georgian Version Only)

2018 year

State Funding Mechanisms for Civil Society Organizations in Georgia

Research (Legislation and practice)
Research Team: Levan Paniashvili, Giorgi Avazashvili, Natia Apkhazava
Lead Expert: Vazha Salamadze

2017 year

Volunteerism – International Practice and Georgia

The study encompasses the notion and function of volunteerism, the analysis of international practice on volunteerism and identification of needs for developing the legal base on volunteerism in Georgia.

2011 year

Citizen Participation in Self-Governance

The Civil Society Institute, with the financial support of the Open Society – Georgia Foundation, has conducted a study on civil participation in self-governance. The present publication provides a synopsis of the study.

2009 year

Labor Code of Georgia – Monitoring Report (Georgian Version Only)

20o8 year