Green Hour In Batumi


On July 15 Civil Society Institute and Foundation Partnership for Road Safety organized the event Green Hour in Batumi to promote a healthy lifestyle among society. The goal of the event was to promote safe and clean transport. Within the event framework young people cycled Batumi streets from Wonderland square.

The clean transport promoting organizers aim was to focus on air pollution questions as one of the reasons causing health problems.The second part of the event named “when engine is on aimed to distribute leaflets to the holders of public transport and cars in Batumi streets. Printed material focused on information about fuel and reducing car use. During event a discussion was also held: “safe, clean, affordable and green transportation place in the modern city”.

A discussion on City green politics and modern transport problems and challenges was held between Partnership for Road Safety, Batumi City Hall Economic Policy, Batumi in Traffic Ltd and Batumi Youth Centre representatives.