Latest Studies On Social Entrepreneurship


Social entrepreneurship, how does it functions in practice in Georgia, howdo social enterprises themselves and their ecosystem look like? If you are interested in these issues – you have the opportunity to get acquainted with them in latest 2 studies of the Civil Society Institute. Georgian practice reviews current state of social entrepreneurship and includes an analysis of operating environment. Social enterprises, operating in Georgia, are analyzed in the review in terms of type of activity, goals, legal form, and etc.

Study: Social entrepreneurship in Georgia (Practice review, author -EkaDatuashvili), 2020 …

The subject of the second study was familiarization with European experience on social entrepreneurship, characteristics of social enterprises and favorable environment for them. It is noteworthy that an ecosystem, necessary for social enterprises, consists of four main components. These are: opportunities for self-organization; visibility and recognition; access to resources; research, education and skills.

Study: Social entrepreneurship, social enterprises and their ecosystem, 2020 (authors – Ekaterine Danelia, Mariam Latsabidze, Nino Samsonidze) …

The studies have been carried out on the order of the Civil Society Institute in collaboration with the Social Enterprise Alliance Georgia and with the support of the International Center for Non-for-Profit Law (ICNL).