Advocacy For Effective Participation

Project goal

Facilitate increase of participation of local communities in the process of solution of their current problems in Gori Municipality through constructive cooperation with municipal authorities.

Project objectives

  • Ensure amendment of local legislation of Gori Municipality, which fact enables co-funding of local problems solution related projects, submitted by communities, in a simplified way;
  • CSOs, community organizations, partnerships, non-registered unions, initiative or interest groups operating in Gori Municipality use the simplified co-funding mechanism;
  • Increase capabilities, accountability, and credibility of civil society in order to enable them better represent the political, economic, social, and cultural rights of the general public.

Donors and Partners

The project was implemented by the Gori Information Center (GIC) and the Gori office of the Civil Society Institute (CSI) with the USAID financial support of NDI (National Democratic Institute).

Project coverage

Gori Municipality

Project timelines

01.09.19 – 31.06.20

Project Lawyer

Levan Paniashvili

Project lobbyist

Darejan Muradashvili


Project activities

  • Develop a simplified rule for issuing a co-funding mechanism and lobby it at the City Assembly of Gori Municipality;
  • Carry out an information campaign.