Improving The Enabling Environment For Civil Society Organizations And Raising Their Effectiveness – Phase II

Project goal

Improve enabling environment for civil society organizations and facilitate their effectiveness.

Project objectives

• Promote enabling environment for civil society organizations – program implementation entails the improvement of the legal environment, which includes an improved law on grants, changes in the tax code, the law on volunteering; besides, CSOs will be able to receive legal assistance in regard to legislative regulations; there will be developed a concept on state support to CSOs, which is going to regulate and create a space for policy dialogue;
• Facilitate mutual cooperation – CSOs will share a common vision on the effectiveness of development while the main tool is going to be the web portal, as a platform that offers needs-oriented information, communication as well as space for exchanging opinions to its members, subscribers, and users;
• Capacity building – CSOs will have the opportunity to apply modern methods and standards in the following areas: research methodology development, public policy analysis, lobbying, and advocacy campaign planning and implementation, civic engagement, public accountability, and monitoring; CSOs will be able to practice modern standards and methodologies while managing systemic change-oriented interventions and projects; key actors of local self-governments, at both local and national level, will carry out more effective and competent advocacy for needs of citizens.

Donors and Partners

Bread for the World

Project coverage


Project timelines

2014-07-01 – 2017-06-30

Project Manager

Ia Gabunia