CSO Development Index For 2013


The US Agency for International Development has released the CSO Development Index for 2013 on August 22. The organization releases the Index on an annual basis since 1997, when the first report was published. The report examines the sustainability, development, environment, financial capabilities, etc. of the civil society organizations. Along with other countries, the CSO Development Index for Eastern Europe and Eurasia countries includes the development index of CSOs in Georgia as well.
As in previous years, the document refers to activities
implemented by the Civil Society Institute: Civil Society Organization’s web-portal csogeorgia.org; the memorandum formed between the Parliament and Civil Society Organizations. also, The Civil Society Institute, one of the major legal advocacy organizations in Georgia, successfully advocated for several major amendments to the tax code. The amendments release CSOs from taxes on gifts to their beneficiaries or participants that are valued under GEL 1,000.
CSO Development Index for 2013