Ideas to Batumi


Aiming at engaging local population in planning and management of the city budget, Civil Society Institute is engaged in implementation of the participatory budgeting project Your Idea to Batumi which has been realized by Batumi city hall since 2019 with support of USAID GGI.

The main platform of the project is a webpage where local citizens register as well as vote for their favorite ideas thus revealing winners which are later financed from the city budget.

Civil Society Institute supports Batumi municipality in effective management of the process which includes the following directions:

  • Development of regulations for participatory budgeting and institutionalization;
  • Institutional strengthening of the municipality;
  • Planning- realization of large-scale promotional campaigns;
  • Stimulation of citizen’s engagement in the process;
  • Assessment, monitoring of the process cycle and development of respective recommendations.

Civil Society Institute launched active promotional campaigns aiming at project popularization which included face-to-face meetings with local population, TV and radio coverage, articles in local popular media, video production and distribution, development and distribution of promo materials, social media campaigns.

In total, citizens have registered 185 ideas so far in Batumi municipality, while a voting process involved 20,000 citizens. 21 ideas have been declared as winners and have been integrated in the budget of Batumi municipality.

It is important to note that in August 2021, local council of Batumi municipality (Sakrebulo) passed a resolution about a rule for regulating Batumi participatory budgeting which makes the mentioned participatory budgeting tool mandatory to be realized. This is a real and a sustainable step forward to strengthen participation of the local population.

The mentioned support for Batumi participatory budgeting process was provided in the frames of the project Support of Batumi city hall in implementation, institutionalization and realization of participatory budgeting project 2019-2022 with involvement of local population which was realized by Civil Society Institute with financial support of USAID GGI program.