Multi-actor meeting


On November 11, 2021, the International Day of Social Entrepreneurship, there was held a multi-actor meeting in an online format on “Enabling environment for social entrepreneurship in Georgia – current situation and perspectives”. The meeting was organized by the Civil Society Institute (CSI) in collaboration with partner organizations and Mariam Lashkhi, Deputy Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Parliament of Georgia.

Main purpose of the event was to establish a platform for cooperation among actors in the field in order to facilitate a supportive enabling environment for social entrepreneurship. About 50 representatives of public, civil and private sectors were invited to the meeting to discuss these issues.

“The topic of social entrepreneurship is less on the agenda of political discussion. The importance and potential of social entrepreneurship are less understood as by the state, as well as by various public actors. Therefore, it is important to strengthen cooperation among potential actors in the field of social entrepreneurship, which in turn will significantly contribute to development of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in the country”, – noted Vazha Salamadze, Head of the Civil Society Institute (CSI), at the opening of the meeting.

“Social entrepreneurship becomes an increasingly priority actor in the logic of state development around the entire world, as this sector offers authorities alternative, business answers to modern social and economic challenges. Provision of legislative and political support to this field implies long-term state investment in solution of the most severe social challenges in the country”, – Mariam Lashkhi stated.

Eter Gvritishvili, Policy Analyst at the Civil Society Institute (CSI), presented an overview of the environment and key trends in social entrepreneurship, current situation in Georgia and best international practices to the participants of the meeting; Levan Paniashvili, Senior Lawyer of the Civil Society Institute (CSI), talked about importance of establishment of a coordination platform for the social entrepreneurship environment, the concept of the coordination platform and guidelines.

There was held a discussion at the meeting. The participants of the meeting summarized results of the event and planned further steps of cooperation.

The project – “Advancing Social Entrepreneurship for Sustainable and Inclusive Society” is implemented by the Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG) with the support of the European Union and “Bread for the World”. Partners of the project are: Social Enterprise Alliance Georgia (SEA), Civil Society Institute (CSI), Georgian Civil Development Association (GCDA), Democratic Development Union of Georgia (DDUG), European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) and LEPL Youth Agency.