E-Learning For Effective Governance

Project goal:

Create a curriculum on self-governance to increase awareness of citizens and public servants about self-governance using an online platform; Create guidebooks to improve daily activities of self-government servants.

Project objectives:

Train public servants in all self-governance related important issues using a distance learning method;
Create guidebooks about the new system of self-governance for members and servants of the representative body of self-government, publish them as well as produce an electronic version/upload on the website.

Donors and Partners:

Open Society Georgia Foundation

Project coverage:


Project timelines:

2018-05-01 – 2018-12-01 (The first phase of the project was implemented on 22.03.16-21.03.17, while the second phase – on 23.12.16-23.07.17)

Project Manager:

Lali Shalvashvili