Social Entrepreneurship Initiative for Georgia

Project goal

Create a supportive enabling environment for social enterprises and civil society organizations in order to let them better implement their goals and objectives in favor of public interest.

Project objectives

  • Facilitate improvement of a legal environment for social entrepreneurship in Georgia;
  • Create a strategic vision of state support for the development of social entrepreneurship with the participation of stakeholders;
  • Build capacities of civil society organizations and social enterprises.

Donors and Partners

The project is implemented through the collaboration of the Civil Society Institute and Social Enterprise Alliance Georgia, while it is financially supported by The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL).

Project coverage


Project timelines

01.10.2019 – 31.05.2021

Project Manager

Ia Gabunia


Project activities

  • Advocate for the Law on Social Entrepreneurship;
  • Study international practices in the ecosystem of social entrepreneurship;
  • Study local practices of social entrepreneurship;
  • Develop a policy document on the strategic vision for state support to the development of social entrepreneurship;
  • Organize round tables/discussions;
  • Create an online training program for social entrepreneurs and civil society organizations interested in social entrepreneurship, which includes two modules: legal management and financial accounting reporting;
  • Create a guidebook for social enterprises and non-commercial legal entities on legal management and financial accounting-reporting issues;
  • Provide legal assistance/consultancy to social entrepreneurs and civil society organizations interested in social entrepreneurship.